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    I Heart Virtual

    My name is , AKA
    Lil' from around the way...
    And I got a bone to pick with today.
    I need more than boxes, more than speeds, and feeds,
    I want to build more apps and up the proceeds
    You can call me , you can call me a dissenter
    But we need to get virtual in the data center.
    Are you with me? Or are we gonna fight?
    If so, come back at me and let's take a page from

    And do the thing right.

    Let's Get Physical

    My name is , AKA
    The coming at you today
    I've got beef with you, , and I'm not lying,
    Sweeter than , but today I'm terrifying
    Our physical network keeps us safe and ensures security
    Want to be a , a steady cash cow? Want to know how?
    Stay physical in the data center for the here and the now.
    Are you on my side or are you against?
    If that's the case, I'm throwing down, brother
    Show me your angst.

    General Beef With Anyone

    They call me , the butcher of beef
    Gonna break down this gripe, gonna give a debrief:
    When you talk about it makes my skin crawl,
    If you again, you're gonna start a brawl.
    This issue goes deep,
    I can't or sleep,
    Can't sip a — I'm not drinking it,
    Can't log on — I'm not hyperlinking it,
    No — I ain't watching on the telly,
    No — Not getting it from the deli.
    I wish you would just agree that I'm right about this,
    Until that day comes? Please accept my Diss.
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